Posted by David Johnson on Sep 13, 2019
The Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake has been nominated by Feeding America for  the Key Community Champion Award for our "Million Meals" Food Pantry Program as well as, the other programs we have that benefit the Big Bear Community .
The winner is determined by the number of votes received.  Feeding America is a National Food Distribution Organization that provides 9 meals for every $ to food pantries and other organizations throughout the United States.
We would appreciate your going to the web site in Bianca Scott's email here and voting for Big Bear Rotary.  Unfortunately, you will have to vote for someone in each category for it to count.  Once you  have voted, scroll down to on that and your vote is received.  If you receive your emails on all your devices, you can cast a vote from each one.
Thank you for your support!  The link below to the survey is active.  Click on it and vote.  If you have an iPad, Phone, with your email vote from/with them!  Copy and send this to all your friends anywhere in the World! 
Helen Walsh
Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake
Chair - "Million Meals"
The Big Bear Lake Rotary Club
September 12, 2019
President Quinton Page: Opened the meeting of the big Bear Lake Rotary Club.  The club with altitude and attitude!
Pledge of Allegiance: By Quinton Page
Rotary Moment: Tony Tamberchi-Taking care of our older relatives during their lifetime when we have the chance.
Music:  Miguel Gonzalez – God Bless America and R-O-T-A-R-Y
Guests: Randy Putz – Mayor, Jim and Tanya Labertew, Diane, Bill Vandirvere and Pamela Kalina.
 Helen Walsh:  Feed America.  BBL Rotary has been nominated Vote for BBL Rotary by going to the website;  Scroll down until you see the message.  The link at the end of the message is hot and will take you to the voting. 
Keenan Warner: Sending around the sign up sheet for Oktoberfest.
Dinner:  Meatloaf  Yum Yum, mashed potatoes, green beans, green salad, and Desert.
Program:  Randall Putz, Mayor.  Besides his civic duties he is the Proprietor of Chirps.  This is a store dedicated to birds!  Has a radio program bird talk.  On 93.3Mhz.  He reminded us that 100,000s of people watch the Bald Eagles and other bird cameras.  He gave us 19 reasons birds are great!
  1. Birds spread seeds
  2. Birds pollinate plants.
  3. Birds control pests
  4. Birds reduce weeds.
  5. Scavengers are Nature’s cleanup crew.
  6. Birds indicagte Environmental Hazards.
  7. Birds promote Conservation.
  8. Birds support the economy.Birders spend 40,000.000.000 and 6,00 People.
  9. Birds maintain & transform Entire Landscapes.
  10. Birds fertilize
  11. Birds Inspire science.
  12. Birds are Military Heroes.Carrier Pigeons. Gulls find enemy submarfine tash
  13. Birds are delicious.
  14. Birds enhance our culture.
  15. Feathers keep us warm and Comfortable.
  16. Bird watching connects us to Nature.
  17. Birds provide ethical Tourism.
  18. Bird Hunting Helps
  19. Our Moral Obligation.
At the end of his prepared speech he took question from the audience about birds, his bird tours and about the city of Big Bear Lake.  It was a great program.
Keenan Warner asked the Mayor to spin the wheel to see who won the prizes from Rodeo drive in Lucerne Valley. Our proposed new member won the bottle of Wine Diane Havey and Dave Johnson won a plastic container. 
Meeting was adjourned.